How much energy does my dishwasher use?

In a house which is full of electrical appliances such as the Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, water heater etc, we often overlook the items that can cut the energy consumption and thus the utility cost also decreases. When looking around for the things that can help in energy savings the dishwasher never comes to our minds, rather it is one of the appliances which uses a decent amount of electricity since it uses heat to clean the dishes and a good amount of energy is used to produce heat. Read this article to know what amount of electricity is used by the dishwasher.

Do dishwashers use a lot of energy?

The machine doesn’t use the electricity directly, it is the pump and the other electronic parts that use almost 1200 watts of electricity, the same as used by blow dryers. While there are some models that have their own onboard meter, such dishwashers tend to use more power than normal.

Amount of water used by the dishwasher

In order to clean the dishes effectively, boiling water is used by the dishwashers and this water comes from somewhere in the other. The energy that is used to supply hot water into the dishwasher also contributes to the energy consumed by the dishwasher, whether it be gas or electricity

. The energy consumed by the dishwasher depends upon the amount of water needed by the dishwasher which again depends on the model of the dishwasher i.e when it was being produced. The new standard-sized dishwashers that come along with star energy saver uses less than 4 gallons of energy in total.

The amount of energy used by the dishwasher per load

Providing a proper estimate of the amount of energy used by the dishwasher if quite tough, since different models use different amounts of electricity because of the manufacturer’s design and the frequency at which you run the dishwasher. Different soil level and different types of dishes that are being washed in the load will affect the materials that are used to clean the dishes such as the amount of water and water pressure.

However, by estimating the average consumption rates we can make a rough idea of the money that a dishwasher will add to your monthly bills.

The cost to run a dishwasher

The base electricity used by a normal dishwasher if not much expensive. It uses a nominal amount of energy which can be stated as 1200 watts, for the model that uses 1200 watts, loaded for approximately an hour, the amount of electricity used will be 1.2 kWh(kilowatt-hours) which contributes to 12 per cent per load.

How can you save money while using a dishwasher

There are some measures that can be taken to cut the costs charged by the dishwasher. You can try a few tips so that you can minimise power usage.

1. Build a full load of dishes, i.e don’t wash the dishes again and again and run the cycle many times a day. Instead, collect all the dishes and then wash them together to cut the power usage.
2. Over filling the dishwasher can not give space to the water to circulate freely. This doesn’t allow cleaning of the dishes properly.
If the energy used to wash the dishwasher doesn’t get reduced then you can opt for washing the dishes by hand to save some money.

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