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Candlelit & Co True Marble Candle

Candlelit & Co True Marble Candle

This eco-friendly soy scented candle is handpoured in Melbourne and contains a lead-free wick. The best part, is that you can re-use the gorgeous marble jar to store all your essentials.  The carrara marble vessel is hand crafted in the heart Carrara, Italy.

Marble packaging designed for that perfect finish.

Style Notes:
Volume: 165gms
Height: 100mm  Width: 85mm
Weight: 1kg
Burn time: 40+ hours
Vanilla & Tobacco

As no two marble pieces are the same, the beautiful marble piece you receive may not look completely identical to the pictures shown here. Marble is a natural material and therefore embodies its unique and natural characteristics - including their own subtle variations in veining.
70 AUD