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Carrara Marble Bowl with Copper Lid

Carrara Marble Bowl with Copper Lid

A chic addition to any space, our Carrara marble mini bowl is the perfect vessel to store small items in the kitchen, bathroom, home office, or living space. Comes with a round copper lid - a timeless classic which transcends luxury.

Style Notes:
Dimensions: Approx 85mm diameter x 50mm height 
Materials: 100% Carrara marble, hand-carved.

Please note, the copper lid is not intended to sit flush with the top lip of the marble bowl. As such, we cannot accept refunds on this item if you are not happy with this. Please refer to our photos for more details.

As our marble pieces are all handmade, the beautiful marble piece you receive may not look completely identical to the pictures shown here. Marble is a natural material and therefore embodies its unique and natural characteristics - including their own subtle variations in veining. Each item is a unique piece with a completely individual grain. Due to the nature of stone and marble, subtle cracks and pits may be present, but please be mindful that these are not faults and we cannot accept refunds if you are unhappy with the uniqueness of your piece.

How to care for your marble piece:
This piece is made of solid untreated marble.
As marble is more porous than other types of stone, be careful not to get it into contact with water or spilled drinks, as this may permanently stain your marble.
Marble does not stand acid including certain foods such as lemons or other highly acidic elements.
Hand wash your marble with warm water and little ph-neutral washing-up liquid. A wipe over with a clean damp cloth using warm water is also sufficient. Wipe dry after wash.
Do not use in the dishwasher.
40 AUD