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Guided London: City Guide By Cereal

Guided London: City Guide By Cereal

The London guidebook features a discerning edit of our favourites places, alongside an extensive photo essay of the city, personal essays from Londoners we admire, a neighbourhood map, as well as a section of additional recommendations. All of the photography and copy in the book are original and exclusive to Cereal.

Style Notes:

The publication is 120 pages, printed in full colour on FSC approved uncoated paper in the United Kingdom. It measures 14.8cm x 21cm (A5) and features a deboss cover finish.

About Guided By Cereal:

Our aim is to produce guides that would befit Cereal readers and modern travellers alike, recommending a tightly edited selection of experiences that combine quality, meticulous design with accessibility. If the food is top-notch, so too is the space that accompanies it. And the finely crafted garments, accessories, and homewares that we’ve selected as our favourites, are all affordable luxuries. You’ll soon notice that our version of the perfect trip is weaved in with an understated flair and a penchant for grand landscapes – both natural and manmade.

Every guide has been curated and created by us and our team of international contributors. We’ve visited each location and can personally vouch for its merits. All of the copy and photography is original and exclusive to GUIDED and have been produced with the same, exacting efforts that drive our print publication.

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