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Moroccan Pouf Metallic Silver

Inspire a little Marrakech in your home with our luxe handmade Moroccan Pouf.

Perfect as an ottoman in the nursery, statement piece in the living room,  or even as a 'table' to serve a tray of cocktails, these poufs feature a star design embroidered into the top and single colour panelling on the side and underside, reflecting the intricacy and detail of Moroccan design.

Our gold and silver poufs are made of a leather-like material as metallic colours cannot be obtained with natural pigments.

Style Notes:
Dimensions: 30 cm high and 58 cm in diameter (when filled).
A zip on the underside allows for easy filling.
Our leather poufs are sold unfilled, ready for you to fill with your choice of stuffing (please see our notes below). This keeps costs and our carbon footprint low.

About Moroccan Poufs 
Our Moroccan poufs are made entirely in Marrakech, Morocco's bustling capital. No harmful chemicals are used in the process and our supplier maintains eco-friendly processes throughout.

Once the long drying process is complete, the cutting of the pouf pattern follows, culminating in the sewing and embroidery by hand. It can take up to seven Moroccan artisans to handcraft and stitch each pouf, with the embroidery made with silk aloe thread. 

As every single one of our poufs are entirely handmade, no two poufs are the same; giving you a luxurious and unique item for your home with a touch of Marrakech charm.

Filling your pouf:

1. You can use just about anything to fill your pouf. We recommend a mix of bean bag balls and old clothes or towels to maintain a lightweight sturdiness to your Moroccan pouf. 

2. Before you begin filling your pouf, ensure the stuffing is clean and dry. You can stuff in as much as you like - more for firm and less for soft, but ensure your stuffing is distributed to the edges of the pouf.

3. Once you’ve packed it nice and tight, zip it up! Don’t worry if the shape isn’t totally perfect yet because it will settle a bit with use. Over time,  more filling can be added as required.
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