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OhBoeys Strawberry Ice Cream Baby Shoes

OhBoeys Strawberry Ice Cream Baby Shoes

These loafers inspired baby shoes designed exclusively by OhBoeys are perfect for any tiny feet. All our shoes are comfortable to wear because they are made of soft fabrics and feature soft soles to encourage walking among the little ones. Soft sole shoes allow babies to feel their feet when they are learning how to walk. Hard soles shoes can sometimes hinder babies from walking sooner.
OhBoeys shoes are very easy to wear. Simply slip them on your baby's feet and the elastic band around the ankle will ensure they do not come off easily. This makes the shoes suitable for indoor use among walking (ahem,running) toddlers as well.

Style Notes:
Strawberry Ice Cream design fabric
Please be mindful as these products are all handmade, the aqua colour of these shoes differs slightly to the Strawberry Ice Cream Bib and Strawberry Ice Cream Toy.

Shoe Material: Cotton
Sole Material (6-18 months): Rubberised Anti-Slip Sole
All 6-18 months shoes are made with Rubberised Anti-Slip Sole that are still soft and durable for those little ones learning to walk.
Size Guide:
6-12 Months approx 12cm
12-18 Months approx 14cm
These sizes are based on average baby feet size, it is best to measure baby's feet and add about 1cm for room to grow. If you are unsure, please click here further instructions on printable size guide.
Care Instructions:
As baby shoes tend to get dirty very quickly, it is a good thing that these shoes are washable. We recommend hand washing or gentle machine wash with mild detergent and line dry. No tumble dry.  
Please note that these shoes are handmade, therefore, they might be slightly larger or smaller but all within a reasonable limit and the fabric placement may vary from the images shown.

About Oh Boeys:

OhBoeys is based in Melbourne, Australia that features locally designed handmade products for all little ones. The motivation and inspiration for all these tiny creations in this little shop comes from the founder's two little boys, D Boey & H Boey. As such, each product is unique and meticulously created with lots of care and love.
Fabrics are sourced from all over the world, so the collection will constantly change over time. All products are made to order, so only limited quantities for each design are made, ensuring each shoe you buy from OhBoeys will be exclusive. Furthermore, OhBoeys design some of the fabrics themselves, which makes them even more special.
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