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OhBoeys Strawberry Ice Cream Cushion

OhBoeys Strawberry Ice Cream Cushion

These fun and delivious soft toys are designed exclusively by OhBoeys.

Style Notes:
Material: Cotton + Toy Fill
Size: Approximately 23cm tall
Please be mindful as these products are all handmade, the aqua colour of this toy differs slightly to the Strawberry Ice Cream Shoes.

About Oh Boeys:

OhBoeys is based in Melbourne, Australia that features locally designed handmade products for all little ones. The motivation and inspiration for all these tiny creations in this little shop comes from the founder's two little boys, D Boey & H Boey. As such, each product is unique and meticulously created with lots of care and love.
Fabrics are sourced from all over the world, so the collection will constantly change over time. All products are made to order, so only limited quantities for each design are made, ensuring each shoe you buy from OhBoeys will be exclusive. Furthermore, OhBoeys design some of the fabrics themselves, which makes them even more special.
26 AUD