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Robert Gordon Copper Wire Medium Bin

Robert Gordon Copper Wire Medium Bin

This season, Robert Gordon welcomes winter with a dash of luxury and a sprinkle of elegance. We love their simple, elegant, and functional copper wireware, designed to complement any style of home. 

Style Notes:
These handy baskets come in a beautiful copper finish. Perfect for storage of bits and bobs or to have on display.

Size: Medium
Dimensions: 30cm opening, 28cm height, 23cm base diameter.

About Robert Gordon:
Robert Gordon began in Australia during the ‘70s, so they know a thing or two about the old school. Throughout their line of beautiful products, you’ll find silhouettes and colour schemes that echo the golden eras passed, so that you can add some whimsy and nostalgia to your home almost instantly. Each piece passes through the hands of skilled crafts people, some of whom have been with Robert Gordon for over 25 years. Their principles of timeless design along with an emphasis on quality, ensure that your purchase will last a lifetime.
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