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Urban Cartel Copper Scallop Vase - Cherub

Urban Cartel Copper Scallop Vase - Cherub

Porcelain vases with Copper scalloping.

Hand made from beautiful French Porcelain with Copper Lustre scalloping.

Glazed internally, they are perfect for a floral arrangement. 

Style Notes:
Measuring 16cm x 9cm

Made from French Porcelain. Glazed externally with 2cm unglazed area around bottom of vase.

Colour: Cherub (pale blush pink)

Care Instructions:
Produced with the urban dweller in mind, all products are dishwasher, microwave and food safe. However with all handmade items care should be taken to avoid thermal shock. Pieces are glazed internally but left in an organic state on the exterior, which provides a lovely balance and reflection to the handmade processes that go into each piece.

About Urban Cartel:

Based in Melbourne, Australia. Urban Cartel was founded in early 2011 by Craig Pearce.

Urban Cartel designs and manufactures a range of handmade porcelain tableware with an emphasis on clean lines & functional design.

With a background in Visual Arts (B.A. Ceramic Design) & hospitality management, the two come together to create
Urban Cartel : Contemporary Porcelain.

Designed to serve their function and not to be locked away in the cabinet, the smooth and cool porcelain has a beautiful tactile quality that is a pleasure to touch and hold.
49 AUD