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Washable Paper Bag - Gold Spot

Washable Paper Bag - Gold Spot

This is a great storage tool for your living or work space! Totally adaptable, these General Eclectic paper bags are 100% washable & look great anywhere with everything. With a gold spot design with gold lining, this is the answer to cleaning out the clutter in your life!

Style Notes:
Wash paper bag
Gold spot print
18 x 18 x 24cm
Wash them in the washing machine/ Dishwasher or by hand

About General Eclectic:
General Eclectic is a range of desirable and coveted homewares and furniture with a unique and like the name suggests, eclectic feel. General Eclectic’s home aesthetic lies within mixing rather than matching, adding tons of colour and combining vintage and industrial pieces with new. From stools to poufs and vases and baskets and rugs, there is a little piece of General Eclectic for every home.
23 AUD