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Zakkia Small Concrete Diamond

Zakkia Small Concrete Diamond

This concrete diamond has a nice uneven texture to it.
Use it as a paperweight or group with your favourite decor pieces for a lovely vignette, or simply use on its own as a statement piece!

Style Notes:
Dimensions: 11cm tall and 6cm wide at its widest point
Made from raw concrete

Please note, as concrete is a natural material, the diamond may embody unique and natural characteristics such as holes, pits and natural but very minor chips. These characteristics give each piece a truly unique finish and should not be construed as flaws or faults.

About Zakkia:
"Zakkia was created in late 2012 by Sara Lundgren, a Swede turned Sydneysider. “I often found myself ordering home décor from online shops overseas, and being the impatient person I am, having to wait weeks for my purchases to arrive and spend money on expensive shipping quickly became unbearable. Out of this frustration and my love for home décor of course, Zakkia was born."
All our pieces are designed or selected by us. Our own designs were described by someone as ‘Scandinavia meets Bondi’, and we think this is a pretty good way to describe us. Our items are a blend of Scandinavian simplicity with its straight lines and monochrome colours and Bondi coastal with quirky patterns, shades of blues and mixed textures."

15 AUD